Go Green and Eat Your Greens!

food-1Salads are more than lettuce. A good salad can be savory, filling, and joygasmic! If you’re coming from the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) world, then your idea of a salad may only consist of few slices of lettuce with a tomato and a dressing to make the bland taste go away. However if you’re savvy in the kitchen and have taste buds built for flavor, your salads may include nuts, fruits, seeds, or a variety of herbs, spices and dressings. Continue reading

Grow Your Own.

There is something empowering and grounding about being able to grow your own food. For those that have not honed the skill of growing from seed, there are options available. You can purchase starter plants from your local nursery or farmer‘s market. The benefit of growing using starts is that you can then transplant those starts directly into your garden, rather than waiting days or weeks to be able to do so.


Whether you’re sprouting wheat grass or planting a garden salad, seeds are a quintessential part of our ecosystem. As food, seeds are nutrient dense; as foliage, seeds are the where the story of life begins; nurture them and they will return the favor. While there are many seed varieties available, I recommend choosing HEIRLOOM, organic and non-genetically modified seeds.


Farmer’s Market.

ppppWhen you localize your food source you cut down on your waste-stream, your carbon emissions, and your general footprint on the planet. Farmer’s Market’s are a great way to know what you’re eating, and with many locations occurring year-round in the southern California region your food can be both local and seasonal. Oh joy! Continue reading