Go Green and Eat Your Greens!

food-1Salads are more than lettuce. A good salad can be savory, filling, and joygasmic! If you’re coming from the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) world, then your idea of a salad may only consist of few slices of lettuce with a tomato and a dressing to make the bland taste go away. However if you’re savvy in the kitchen and have taste buds built for flavor, your salads may include nuts, fruits, seeds, or a variety of herbs, spices and dressings.

Some of my favorite salads have mixes of basil, kale, butter lettuce, cabbage and heirloom tomatoes, with grated carrots, chopped red onion, sliced bell peppers and a good vinaigrette. On top of creating a very tasty salad, you’ll have a very colorful one. Eat a rainbow a day.

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